29 September 2006


I keep a carabiner in my bag for two things:

1) When Miss. M. sheds an article of clothing, I can clip it to my bag or a belt loop so I don't lose it (and don't have to carry it).

2) When serial shopping - like at a mall - I can hang all or many of the accumulated shopping bags off of my shoulder bag thereby keeping the hands free for more shopping or toddler-herding.

19 September 2006

Go ahead, bite me

Miss M. has a best friend at daycare. Once upon a time, said best friend bit Miss M. a number of times. The biting has stopped, and generally Miss M. comes home from daycare and says "S. didn't bite me".

One day last week, the two of them were playing with trains; Miss M. was apparently being quite possessive about the trains, and S. was getting upset. Finally, Miss M. presented her forearm to S. and said "Go ahead, bite me."


13 September 2006


Miss M. was splashing in the bath the other night and said "that's an anaconda". She'll be three in November - where did she learn about anacondas?