Department of Commerce and Advertising

1) Once in a while, I’m given products to review or to give away, or invited to events. I’ll accept these products (or invitations) if I’m genuinely interested in them, and with the understanding that reviews will be honest and unbiased. Also, I’ll always tell you if I’ve been given a product or invited to something - or purchased it myself - because I’m not interesting in having the FTC all in my business. If there’s a stipend involved, I’ll tell you that, though a stipend isn’t going to change my opinion of the stuff. If it’s a lousy product, a mediocre show, or a terrible book, I’ll tell you that.

2) If you are a marketing professional, PR person, or business owner, please do not contact me UNLESS:

  • You want to send me whatever it is you’re promoting. I won’t review anything I haven’t tried.
  • You are okay with a potentially bad review because I won’t say something was great if it wasn’t. Hey, I’ve been known to review things I bought with my own money just because they are bad and I felt compelled to share that information. I like to rant, and I tell it like it is.
  • You don’t expect me to do free PR. I don’t work for nothing, I wouldn’t ask you to do what you do for free, and I’m not going to just post your press release.
  • You understand that reviews may run on this site or on my review blog, or on Amazon or Goodreads. Please be aware that my acceptance of a book, product or invitation is not a promise that I will publish a review or that my review will be positive. 

3) I participate in the Amazon Associates affiliate advertising program. This means that if you click on a link and end up on Amazon and then buy something there, I might get a few cents if the timing’s right and the stars are aligned.

4) I’m a Nintendo Brand Ambassador and occasionally I get sent Nintendo products, and invited to Nintendo events. I’m telling you that here, and I’ll tell you that in any post in which I talk about a Nintendo product (unless it’s completely tangential, like, “my daughter was distraught because she left the charger to the DS home and it ran out of juice halfway through the boring weekend").

5) If you’d like to advertise on my site, let me know. I will entertain either a text ad (up to 50 characters) or a graphic ad (of 125×125 pixels, without animations). Ads run on a month-to-month basis and are subject to approval. Prices are available on request.

If, after all that, you are interested in contacting me regarding a product for review and/or give away, or would like to invite me to experience your luxury hotel on Nevis, or would like to advertise on my site, let me know at magpiemusing AT gmail DOT com.