05 May 2023

Annals of Gardening: 5 May 2019

Hmm. The folder of draft posts coughed up this picture of a list from 5 May 2019 - yes, four years ago. What was I thinking?

  • I believe I moved the nine bark, and it died where I put it. 
  • The leucothoe is happy in its new home; it has more light than it used to, and a stone wall to droop over. It is not the best of shrubs, but I keep it because I dug it up at my mother's house rather a while ago. 
  • I planted a ton of Carex pensylvanica, and none of it is still around. 
  • The "lawn" is a perpetual disaster and there is a shady sloped area that just will not grow a goddamned thing. I'm ready to pebble it over. (It needs to be a walking path or I could fill it in with things that would be happy.) 
  • Dumping/deploying pots happens every year. 

What's on your garden list for today?