05 May 2023

Annals of Gardening: 5 May 2019

Hmm. The folder of draft posts coughed up this picture of a list from 5 May 2019 - yes, four years ago. What was I thinking?

  • I believe I moved the nine bark, and it died where I put it. 
  • The leucothoe is happy in its new home; it has more light than it used to, and a stone wall to droop over. It is not the best of shrubs, but I keep it because I dug it up at my mother's house rather a while ago. 
  • I planted a ton of Carex pensylvanica, and none of it is still around. 
  • The "lawn" is a perpetual disaster and there is a shady sloped area that just will not grow a goddamned thing. I'm ready to pebble it over. (It needs to be a walking path or I could fill it in with things that would be happy.) 
  • Dumping/deploying pots happens every year. 

What's on your garden list for today?


viviane said...

I am happy to see that you are still blogging. My gardening list for today : repair the pergola so that I can fix the wisteria again, cut out the small paths in the grass (I don't mow anymore) and as always, watch and enjoy, the potatoes and broad beans are growing up, all the other veg are still in their pots and waiting a couple weeks to be planted outside. It is the best time of the year !

NGS said...

We have so many unwanted and unneeded saplings growing in our yard that we need to take a lot of time to dig them out and clean out beds, but honestly, I just don't want to! Good luck with your own chore list.

susan said...

Digging up dandelions in the garden bed before they go to seed, and admiring our tulips.