30 July 2006


What color is that dress? "Pink Hot!"

While watching TV, "where's the termote?"

Her bottom is her "bahmen".

23 July 2006

Toddler Industry

The other day, I put Miss M. in her room for a nap. When all was quiet, I went to check on her. She had turned over the toy box and climbed on the dresser, and was studiously inserting Q-tips into a tub of Vaseline.

Christ Cella

From an old guidebook to New York, a description of the now departed Christ Cella:

"One of the first steak houses in this area, and still venerated. In spite of the disturbingly spiritual name, it is heartily and successfully devoted to the flesh" (New York Places & Pleasures, Kate Simon, 1959).


A letter to the New York Times, following the death of Julia Child:

To the Editor:

Re "Ms. Child Departs the Nation's Table" (Appreciations, editorial, Aug. 14): Francis X. Clines mentions Julia Child's use of butter, not just in cooking but in eating. I recall that she once said that a person who didn't eat butter was a crank with limp hair.

Julia Child lives on in all our kitchens.

Estelle Shanley
York, Me., Aug. 14, 2004