30 October 2006

Live Chickens

From the New York Times, on Sunday 10/29/06:

It doesn’t get much fresher than the fowl at De Maria’s Country Butcher Shop. Visitors to the store on the grounds of Hemlock Hill Farm in Cortlandt Manor are likely to see a few customers scooping up live hens themselves and bringing them to the in-house butcher for slaughter.

Well of course, we had to go running off yesterday to buy a fresh chicken. Unfortunately, we got there too late in the day and all of the chickens were gone. Except, of course, for the three chickens that were hauled into the shop upside-down by their legs by the family that followed us into the store...to be taken home alive, not butchered by the in-house guy. The people in front of us ordered rabbits...slaughtered while you wait. We didn't try to catch our own chickens (Miss M. was asleep in the car, for one thing), but we're looking forward to fresh fowl sometime soon. And so close to home! Who knew?