16 January 2007

The Disappearance of Diapers

Ah joy. Miss M. is mostly potty trained. I've retired the jar of treats (said jar which may be one of the queerest things I've ever done). We bought the last enormous box of diapers on the 29th of October, and there are still plenty left for overnights. She transitioned into undiepants all the time on the 30th of October. She hasn't had an accident at school in quite awhile, and only one at home in recent memory. (Have I cursed our run of luck by even saying that?)

We started potty training in earnest about 2 months before she turned 3. Right around then, she moved up a level at her daycare, from the toddler room to the 3s. Different set of teachers, some new kids, a new rhythm to the day. At the end of the first month, one of the toddler room teachers spent a week with the 3s, filling in for an absence. I think that that week with a known face from the past during the day really helped to get the whole concept across.

Next step is overnight - she's close to being ready, but I'm not quite ready to let the diapers go at night - especially because she doesn't yet know how to open her bedroom door. And if she does learn how to open the bedroom door, I might have to try cooking spray.


Mary said...

awesome job! i am forever looking towards the glimmer of hope that one day Destinee will also become potty trained