08 January 2007

More Complaining

I'm on a roll:

27 December 2006

Gordon Segal
Crate and Barrel
Corporate Headquarters
1250 Techny Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Dear Mr. Segal.

Earlier this month, I placed an internet order for some flatware as a gift for my recently married brother. I ordered 12 place settings on behalf of my mother, and the completer set for myself to give, and had everything shipped to my mother’s house.

We were appalled to find out how much you charged for shipping – frankly, it’s price gouging.

The package, according to the UPS tag, weighed 14 pounds. Using the calculator on the UPS website, that package should cost $9.96 sent ground from 60540 to 11050. Yet, you charged us $59.84 – a sixfold markup! Gouging. Sorry, no other word for it.

I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

My mother was sputtering – as she put it, she could have taken a cab and back to the Manhasset store for quite a lot less than that (she is unable to drive as a result of a medical condition). I thought I was doing us both a favor by having the flatware delivered to her house – but in fact, I caused her and myself a great deal of unnecessary unhappiness at the state of the universe as a result of having placed the order on-line.

I would appreciate a refund of $50 – the approximate difference between the actual shipping cost and the price that you charged me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Enclosure: packing slip

On Thursday, 4 January, I came home to find a voice message from Crate & Barrel customer service explaining their shipping rates, and crediting my account for the $50 I requested. The woman said that shipping of orders over $200 was charged at 10% of the order, but that customer service would take circumstances into account. In other words, complaining may well get you a reduction on the shipping. She didn't apologize, but I did get my money back.


Mayberry said...

That is awesome. I have always thought about how high shipping prices seem, but never actually calculated it and then complained. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Can I hire you sometime? I'm always too much of wimp to complain.