22 March 2007

I think therefore I blog? Or is it, I blog therefore I think?

I am pleased and flattered that Eva of Antropologa chose me for the Thinking Blog award.

And the award means that I need to pass the baton to five others, five other bloggers who make me think. I scratched my head about this for a while, and decided that the appropriate choices were bloggers who let me into their worlds so that I can think about living a life not mine. They offer a window through which I can daydream.

I'm never going to be a pastry chef like Eggbeater, even though I love to bake and made my own wedding cake. I certainly won't ever be a NICU doctor like Neonatal Doc, but I like reading about medical issues and I once set foot in a NICU (when my sister's Tiny was born, healthy but early and little). And I'm not going to be a stay-at-home-dad (wrong gender!) to three kids, two of whom are twins (I'm too old!), but Looky, Daddy is and writes about it with humor and insight. While I love books and have a little kid, I'm not a children's librarian, but Mother Reader is and gives me a peek at a whole world of kids literature (and other kid-lit bloggers) and lots of ideas for my Amazon wishlist. To round things out is PinkNest - a young woman who's eating her way through Manhattan with gusto and great photos - and reminds me that it's fun to go out to dinner all the time (but I have that pesky 3 year old and no longer live in Manhattan).


pinknest said...

me?! an award?! and in gold?! i am honored. *curtsy*

Mayberry said...

I loved your twist on this--great idea!