27 March 2007

Lurex and Crystals

A couple of weeks ago, I was on the subway heading down to jury duty, when a man caught my eye. He was an ordinary looking older guy, probably in his 60s, wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and an orange tie, black dress shoes, a trench coat and a fedora. But the part that I couldn't stop glancing at? Around his neck he wore a dark fuchsia chenille scarf with lurex sparkles woven through it. Something a girly girl would wear. And I think he was a lawyer. He got off at the same stop that I did, and preceded me up the street to the courthouse, where he went through security a few steps ahead of me. I almost got off the elevator with him, to see where he was going. But I headed off to my own courtroom instead.

And today, I saw another guy; also older, also soberly dressed. This one was wearing glasses. Ordinary looking glasses. With a string around his neck, one of those glasses keepers. But it was covered in mauve crystal beads. Again, girly girl.

I think maybe they're both cross-dressers in private, but they like a little bling in their daily lives, to remind themselves of their other selves.


Anonymous said...

I love watching people and imagining what they are like in their "inside" lives. Who are they? Where are they going? What are their stories?

Aurelia said...

You never know what people are really like, do you?

pinknest said...

that's funny. maybe they have bedazzlers as well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're single dads to daughters? I used to do things like make girly stuff for my dad and paint his toenails and stuff.

The city sounds fun!