01 March 2007

The Wheels of Justice Have A Flat Tire

I woke up sick this morning, running a fever and with a wretched sore throat. I called the Courtroom Deputy* at 7:30 and told him that I had a temperature of 101°. He told me to make a cup of tea and he'd call me right back. Twenty minutes later, he called and told me that the trial had been postponed for two days, and that I should report back on Monday. Single-handedly, I have stopped the wheels of justice. Huh.

* the man in charge of the care and feeding of the jury - and yes, feeding includes bagels.


Aurelia said...

I'm so impressed you've gotten out of this, at least temporarily.

Let us know what happens!

Anonymous said...

Wow, such control. You are amazing!! I hope you feel better soon!