11 April 2007

Hiring and Human Decency

I just completed a search to fill a soon-to-be-vacant position in my office. Yesterday, I sent out a round of emails to the unsuccessful candidates (both the ones we interviewed and the ones that didn't even get a phone call). I think it's really important to do so; we're a non-profit and you just never know where your next donation is coming from. Every little communication with the outside world is an opportunity to show us in the best light possible. Besides, I think anyone who takes the time to apply for a job deserves the courtesy of a reply.

Shortly after I sent those thanks-but-we-hired-someone-else emails, I got this reply:

Dear Ms. Musing:
Thank you for bringing me up-to-date on your Development Director search, and informing me of your decision; it showed a gracious (and, unfortunately, increasingly rare) respect for the time and effort job seekers invest in their search for meaningful employment. I wish you good luck with your new Development Director, and continued success for [Organization that I work for].
Candidate Who I didn't Even Interview

I find it really sad and disheartening that most places just don't bother to respond to their candidate applicants. I know that my little gesture is Sisyphian, but I have to do it anyway.


S said...

Good for you. Your gesture shows respect, something I believe to be sadly lacking these days.

Don't I sound prudish?

Mayberry said...

It's true. No one does this anymore, and it's terribly sad.

Liz Miller said...

And you're right that this one gesture will make even those you didn't hire feel better about themselves, you, and your organization. And the next time you do a search, they'll be eager to try again.

And they'll probably encourage their friends to donate in the meantime.

niobe said...

I agree with everyone else. This is a great idea and, incidently, a useful one as well. I suppose it should be common courtsey, but it's certainly not.

And very nice use of Sisyphian.

BOSSY said...

Now it's official: You win for Best Person.

Anonymous said...

My friend Lisa has been looking for a job for several months, and you are so right: its rare when someone responds.

Congratulations to you for being a respectful person. Hopefully, as hard as it is for those not chosen to take the news, at least they were informed in a courteous manner.

You rock.

shuna fish lydon said...

It's all because the internet is a black hole. I have often sent innumerable emails just asking restaurants if they received my information At All!

Good for you for follow through. It is indeed the respectful thing to do!

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to do things like this sometimes because of overwork but I commend you for doing it.

It should be done. I agree with everything that it IS very sad that it isn't done anymore.

Aurelia said...

On behalf of job-seekers everywhere, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you do that, too. Back when I used to hire and fire people, I tried to make sure we always sent letters to everybody who didn't get hired. The rest of the office thought I was weird for bothering and I was surprised, since it seemed like the obvious thing to do. I mean, how else would they know to cross you off their list?