02 April 2007


The great not-so-secret pleasure of recovering from abdominal surgery is the freedom to laze about and accomplish little of consequence, all in the guise of illness. I had the day to myself today, without husband or child, and took to my bed with the laptop, some books, some magazines, a stack of gardening catalogs and two telephones. I did actually do a spot of work (internet access to my office lets me pretend to be working and assuages the guilt). And I made some phone calls (follow-up with the surgeon, complaint to the insurance company, job offer to a prospective employee). But mostly, I napped and read and poked around the internet. Don't get me wrong - I'm staggeringly tired and still quite sore - but a reclining position does wonders for both of those afflictions.


S said...

I had to go back a little to discover the reason for the surgery. I hope it heals quickly! As a veteran of two C-sections, I offer these suggestions:

Don't cough.
Don't sneeze.
Don't laugh.

At least for the next few days. Can you manage that? ;)

Feel better, and thanks for your visit.

Unknown said...

Ouchies! I hope you recovery quickly.

Julie Pippert said...

I'm sorry about the discomfort but glad to hear you are feeling well enough to do a few things, and then rest and recover. Take care!

Lady M said...

Best wishes for a smooth recovery!

niobe said...

You're describing exactly why I always feel slightly guilty when I'm sick enough to stay home.

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad you're doing okay. Feel better soon.