26 April 2007

Thirteen Ways That I'm a Bleeding Heart Liberal

I'm feeling cranky about the state of the country today, so for Thursday Thirteen, here are thirteen lefty-commie-pinko bleeding heart liberal things that I believe in:

  1. Abortion rights (especially in light of last week's SCOTUS decision)
  2. Gun control (especially in light of last week's shootings at Virginia Tech)
  3. Higher taxes on capital gains
  4. Universal pre-school
  5. Universal single-payer health care
  6. Higher gasoline taxes
  7. Eating locally, and in season (no strawberries in January in NYC)
  8. National Public Radio
  9. Network neutrality
  10. Rollback of copyright protection (yeah, let the mouse go into the public domain)
  11. Recycling
  12. Increasing the CAFE for cars AND trucks AND light trucks
  13. Separation of church and state (starting with the removal of "In God We Trust" from our money, and the deletion of "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance)

Incidentally, I googled "bleeding heart liberal" out of curiousity. #4 on the list was this astonishing Best of Craig's list posting.


Aurelia said...

I love this list! All of it!

(ok, to be honest, I'm not a fan of number 10, but I have lot of friends in entertainment and publishing who make a living this way. And they buy me wine. :))

Mayberry said...

Excellent... and I love the countdown clock in your sidebar as well.

Not sure how to respond to the craigslist post, though.

JHS said...

We'll have to agree to agree on most of those items, especially the first one. I applaud the Court for having the courage to make the right decision. I live for the day that other piece of judicial fiction, nonsense, garbage is overturned.

Hey, it's America and we can have divergent opinions. Rocks, doesn't it?

Yes, I am a lawyer. I don't just play one on tv.

Anonymous said...

I adore bleeding heart liberals. :)