29 May 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Oh wait, it was Memorial Day. Well, we labored. Nothing like having 5 yards of mulch delivered to the driveway to motivate one to move it. I moved about 40% of it on Saturday, another 40% on Sunday, and W. helped me with the remainder on Monday. I was happy to have the help, but the competitive side of me sort of wanted to tackle the entire 5 yards by myself, just to say I'd done it.

While I was hauling mulch, W. was prepping and painting the downstairs bathroom, which isn't quite done, but is a lovely shade of pale pale lavendar called "Nosegay" - so pale that it looks white until you see it next to the white trim and white fixtures. I know he thought it was going to be a disaster, like the time I wanted the bathroom in the apartment a rich deep red and we ended up with bubble-gum instead. That got painted over very quickly. But this is nice.

In the midst of all the dirt moving, I made a batch of divine barbecue sauce from an Ina Garten recipe that I found at Smitten Kitchen. W. slathered it on some pork ribs and cooked them slowly in the oven. Wonderful.

And the child? Fell asleep at 5:00 on Saturday, and 6:00 on Sunday - both times down for the night. I guess she was worn out. Not that she was moving any mulch.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good weekend. No, I'm not being sarcastic. Promise! We've got 10 bags of mulch in the garage that still, 3 weeks after we bought them, haven't made it to their destination.

I had all kinds of around-the-house plans this weekend, but it was just too darn hot. Already.

Jody said...

I love the way that fresh air just wipes little kids out.

It does make me wonder whether they shouldn't be spending MORE time outside, but I push that thought aside. Sometimes it's just too hot!

Congrats on the mulch. We had 22 yards last year (yep, 22 yards) and it took us WEEKS.

Julie Pippert said...

We ought to have labored. Instead we traveled to a scenic place and camped out. :)

It sounds like you made a lot of progress, did much good.

And worn out kids are great. :)

niobe said...

Thanks for the link to Smitten Kitchen. I started reading the first post and immediately noticed the phrase "gaping maw," something that I say all too frequently.

Anonymous said...

We're doing a ton in the yard, too. Adding lariope borders, gonna fill in with mulch, picking up sticks. Can you get her to pick up sticks at least? I doubt it. My grandmother still thinks of me as a person who can't be trusted to pick up sticks. She recently brought this up to her lawyer when they were estate planning, saying since I'm not mature to pick up sticks (since I am still apparently 8) I shouldn't get too much financial responsibility!