09 May 2007

Wednesday Whimsy

Miss M. was full of whimsy this morning. For breakfast, she asked for cereal with granola, milk and "dried out berries". Later, discussing her various backpacks and which one we took on the train to New York City last week, she said "I took the purple one to your city." She calls New York City "your city" - and it is my city, indeed. And then, caravanning to the car repair shop to drop off W.'s car for new brakes, she pointed to the newly re-installed bike rack on the top of his car and said "Daddy's car has antlers!"

Three and a half is a funny funny age. Exasperating, too, but the whimsy usually makes up for the exasperation.


BOSSY said...

"the whimsy usually makes up for the exasperation."

That's the bill of goods Bossy is always trying to sell her husband about herself.

S said...

Whimsy. That is the perfect way to put it.

Isis said...

These are great; thanks for posting them and keept them coming!