17 June 2007

FB in Nose

Or, Miss M.'s first trip to the emergency room, to remove a Foreign Body from said Nose.

Friday night, she and I were wandering around the garden before dinner. I broke off a mint leaf for her to smell, and wandered down the hill. Next thing I know, "Mommy I have a leaf in my nose!" Okay then. I guess she really wanted to smell it.

It turned out that she'd put some up one side and some up the other. I managed to get the piece out of one nostril, but the other piece was way too far up for non-professional removal. I called the pediatrician's office - it was too late to go there, so they sent us to the ER. The ER was great - it's a kind of sleepy little hospital, and while there was a steady stream of people in there, and all the ER bays were full, we were in and out in an hour, sans mint leaf and with squeezy ice pop. And no one laughed at us - unless of course they laughed when we left.

The best part of the whole trip to the hosta-bull? I think she's finally gotten the concept of blowing her nose!


niobe said...

Poor thing. I mean Miss M, not the mint leaf.

Antropóloga said...

What a rite of passage! At least it wasn't something dangerous. I can't believe how fast your visit to the ER was. Whenever I've gone it's been HOURS and HOURS. That's great about learning to blow her nose!

What are you gonna do, mint smells good!

painted maypole said...

at 4.5 we've never had to take the May Queen to the ER (I am knocking on wood right now) Glad this one was relatively easy for you!

S said...

It's a rite of passage, n'est-ce pas?

The ability to blow your nose is HUGE.

Furrow said...

I'll bet ER staff have got the whole removing-foreign-objects-from-children's-orifices thing down to a science. (Apparently, I once stuck a bead up my girly parts.) And I'll bet they keep notes to see who got the weirdest one of the week.

I'm glad Miss M is all right and that your hospital visit went quickly.

Maewen Archer said...

My brother stuck a lego in his nose once. A mint leaf sounds much less painful -- glad the ER trip wasn't too traumatic!

Anonymous said...

Ask Will what he put up his nose once when he was little!!!