05 June 2007

Garden Mystery Solved

We moved into our house on August 1 a few years ago. Every day, every week I wandered around to see what we had in the garden, what had come with the house. I freed two big azaleas that had been overrun with a wild rose. I cut down vines that were choking the trees. The next spring brought daffodils, peonies, flowering quince, crocuses. Bit by bit, I'm working at making it mine. I ripped out a pachysandra bed where I wanted a kitchen garden. We’ve moved shrubs here and there. I love working with the existing "furniture" but moving it to better please me. I can't imagine having ripped out the mature rhodys, the huge and shapely burning bush, the whimsical persian lilac standard.

The house is on a hill, and the bed below the house and above the flagstone patio had been completely overrun with wild tawny daylilies, a nice small leafed hosta, and the insufferable bishop's week. Last year, I ripped out about 25% along the bottom - discarding the weeds, and repurposing the hosta (everywhere) and the daylilies (across the street on town property in my personal neighborhood beautification project). This year, I've tackled the next 25% - I'm working my way up the hill. And it's finally starting to look like something!

The pictures are of those new perennial beds on the hill. The first shows the alliums I planted last fall - and didn't even remember that I'd done so until they were up sort of enough to identify them. The second is a fancy peach colored iris that my brother-in-law gave me last spring. It's surrounded by a crane's bill geranium, some alchemilla, and some nepeta that isn't blooming yet.

Bit by bit, we push back at the entropy.


S. said...

Entropy is my favorite garden word.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!

Pinky said...

Just so you know, when I showed him the picture, he said "I didn't mean to give her that one!" Oops.

niobe said...

When I fight entropy, entropy always wins.

Furrow said...

It'll always win in the end, but what a lovely meantime you have, Magpie.