26 June 2007

More Reviewing of the Reviewer

Yesterday, Alastair Macaulay reviewed a performance of Hell's Kitchen Dance in which Mikhail Baryshnikov danced. Macaulay's reviews are all so personal; he always references other performances he's seen, other performers, other art forms. It's all about him.

But the review yesterday included a parenthetical that was just over the top:

(Trivial footnote: At no point in his career have I known him not to have the most beautifully cut hair.)

Really. Misha may indeed have great hair, and may have always had great hair. But, this is a DANCE review. Not a hair review, and especially not a personal recollection that "every time I've seen him, Misha's had great hair". Doesn't Macaulay have an editor?


S said...


Maybe hair affects resistance? Y'know, like swimmers, who shave every bit of hair on their bodies in order to swim faster and with less resistance from the water?

OK, so it's a stretch. A stretch! Get it?

niobe said...

I'd definitely read hair reviews. Great idea.

Julie Pippert said...

Yes but I don't think newspaper editors think any more. I think they just proof. Also I think many journalists forget the point these days...you know INFORMATION not juicy gossip. But I"m not bitter much LOL.

Antropóloga said...

Maybe they think it's cute? Endearing?