13 June 2007

Search, but you may not find

The specificity of these recent Google searches that landed people at my blog stuns me:

  • How to Train A Baby Magpie
  • What would happen if I lost 3 liters of blood
  • How are Don and Deirdre Imus these days

And what's more? I have no answers for any of them. I'm terribly sorry, guys.


Furrow said...

C'mon. Give the people what they want. What WOULD happen if I lost all that blood? Huh? huh? Oh well, now I have to just go try it, and if I keel, it's your fault because you didn't tell me it would happen.

So far, I've resisted sitemetering and whatnot. I run my work blog and the lack of traffic is just too depressing.

Knowing that everyone else is doing it, though, has me a bit paranoid. It certainly curbs my stalkerish behaviors.

S said...


People are (strange)(f-ed up) unique.

Yeah, that's it, unique.

Anonymous said...

The best one I got recently was "baby poop baptismal font." Ooh, sorry about that, googler.

Antropóloga said...

The best part is that now that you've written those phrases into your blog, you're going to come up for more people searching for those strange things. :)

BOSSY said...

Bossy used to be on Google's first page search for Inappropriate Workplace Touching. Um...?

susan said...

I was just thinking what Eva said: now you'll have even more hits there.

Someone landed on my blog this week with the search string "i am an adaptable person." What sort of search is that?!? Blog stats are an interesting window into the mind of the googler, no?

niobe said...

Now you have me wondering how do you train a baby magpie?

painted maypole said...

i have to wonder if that person had already lost 3 litres of blood (and if so, how did they measure it?) or if they were PLANNING to lose 3 litres of blood (and if so, what were they going to do with it?)

I would vote for death, on the what would happen question, but I'm no medical expert. Just someone who gets lightheaded after giving a small bag of blood, and am imagining filling up a 2 litre bottle, and then another half, with my blood.