25 June 2007

What Hawks Eat

Over the weekend, we were driving around in the country, under vast blue cloudless skies. We drove up to the CSA farm, because the strawberry patch was open for pick-your-own, and there were sheep and pigs to see, and just because it was a nice excuse for an expedition. And can I wax rhapsodic about the CSA for a moment? The strawberry field was open on the honor system - any CSA member could just show up and pick four quarts of strawberries. There was no check-in, no check-out, no extra cost. Heaven.

We saw a hawk circling, soaring, looking for lunch. We talked with Miss M. about what hawks eat: chipmunks, mice, squirrels, bunnies, snakes. Later, back in the car, we had the same conversation again, but it went on...

"Why do hawks eat snakes?"

"Because it's a bird eat snake world out there."

Miss M. sat up and looked around.


I forget sometimes that she takes everything you say so literally.


S said...

Oh! She reminds me of my earnest Jack. He'd say that.

BTW, I looooooooooved Back When We Were Grownups.

And I'm reading Suite Francaise also.

This, in combination with the anniversary and the cake, is very interesting!

Antropóloga said...

It must be so thrilling getting to teach your daughter about the world in words.

Anonymous said...

about what eats hawks, that would be bobcats, cougars, other wild birds, and bacteria.:)

teenagegirl; said...

this is like so true and im like that sometimes to