04 July 2007


It being the Fourth of July and all that, the New York Times has reprinted the Declaration of Independence, as it does every year. I'm inside with Miss M., but I can hear W. mumbling from somewhere; I thought perhaps he was on the phone. No. W. is currently sitting on the back porch, alone, reading the Declaration of Independence out loud. All's right with the world.

Well, it isn't, really, but here in these parts, we're for the Declaration of Independence. Too bad Shrub and the Puppetmaster are not.


painted maypole said...

Here, here!

(I love that he reads it outloud. That's awesome)

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely way to celebrate.

As for Shrub... there are no words (although I've tried "despicable," "disgusting," and "pathetic").

thirtysomething said...

Shrub and Puppetmaster! ROTFL. I couln't agree more.