18 September 2007

The Coffee Truck and the Pink Medicine

Exiting the doctor's office yesterday:

Miss M.: Look, the coffee truck!
Me: Actually it's UPS.
Miss M.: The one that brought my sleeping bag?
Me, to woman laughing nearby: Yes, four months ago.
Miss M.: What's it doing?
Me: Bringing stuff to the doctors.
Miss M.: Sleeping bags?

Little does she know that every month the UPS truck brings us four pounds of Peet's coffee. It is indeed the coffee truck, more so than the sleeping bag truck.

She's a little better today - but didn't want to take her (pink) amoxicillin, demanding instead the (red) acetaminophen: I want red medicine, the pink medicine doesn't match my plate!

I've unsuccessfully tried logic: But the pink medicine matches your pajamas.

And I've tried bribery: You can't go to Grandma's unless you take your pink medicine.

Finally, I pretended she was a cat, stuck the medicine syringe in her cheek and clamped her jaw shut.


Maewen Archer said...

Yeah, the cat method is really the only one that works.

niobe said...

Can you stop by the next time my cat needs medicine?

MadMad said...

Ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do, right? Funny!

flutter said...

Oy! Poor thing...You, I mean

Tabba said...

Cat method all the way.
hope she is feeling better soon.

painted maypole said...

wow. I've had to do that to cats, but never to my daughter, thankfully. MQ seems to think medicine is candy, and wants whatever I'm willing to give her. This is both good and bad, and yes, I keep the medicine out of her reach.

Her Grace said...

That's so cute (the truck, not the medicine, though I concur that sometimes you have to go with the cat method.)

S said...

Oh, I LIKE that, the coffee truck. I think that's going to be my new name for the UPS truck.

Furrow said...

Coffee truck. heh heh. I love that! If there were coffee trucks that patrolled neighborhoods playing jaunty music like ice cream trucks, I'd be waiting by the curb every day.

I never mastered the art of getting a cat to take medicine. Am I in trouble when it comes to a sick kid?

Julie Pippert said...

That's hilarious..what a Pink Floyd world kids live in. I vaguely recall it, actually.

The brown coffee truck brings sleeping bags to the doctors.

Well you know how it is when kids see teachers or doctors out of their usual environment, LOL.

Using My Words

thrice said...

I bribe with instant rewards, like M&Ms. :-)

Girlplustwo said...

it's funny, because the medicine i get for M tastes delicious - or she's crazy. one of the two but she gulps it down.

Anonymous said...

When my son was a baby he liked amox mixed with plain yogurt. Gag! But it helped with the side effects.

Once he got older and got a clue, we had to resort to the cat method.

Hope M. is feeling better (and you too).

Melanie D. said...

I love their little logic. When they start to put things together, albeit a little off. So cute!

BOSSY said...

The cat method does work, unless you are a Great Dane, and then there are miles of jowl in which to hide stuff.

Blue Zebra said...

Ohhh poor baby! The pink meddy sux! You have such a way of writing. Love the brown truck story. You should seriously consider writing children's books.

pinknest said...

lol! wow, she has a very discerning palate for fine medicines.