17 November 2007

Just What is an Opera Singer, Anyway?

When I picked up Miss M. at daycare yesterday, she announced to me: I'm going to be an opera singer when I grow up, when I'm 16.

Later in the car, while listening to Springsteen's Girls in Their Summer Clothes, she declared that Bruce Springsteen's a good opera singer.

And this morning, with Ella Fitzgerald singing over breakfast, she wanted to know who it was and then asked Is she an opera singer?

I think her musical education needs a little work.


painted maypole said...

tell her to come hang out with me! ;) (not that I'm an opera singer, really....)

I've been listening to the opera in the car to practice (last show today!) and my daughter now REQUESTS to listen to the opera, and actually asked if she could come and see it. She would be so bored out of her mind if she did! ;)

And you can always put in some Queen. Freddy Mercury WAS a trained opera singer.

Julie Pippert said...

LOL...so cute!!

Does 'opera = songs I like' to her?

I'm so curiosu what she thinks opera means, LOL.

And I second the Queen idea!!

Using My Words

flutter said...

Heh. No, baby but she is a Diva.

Aliki2006 said...

It's all opera to her--that's so endearing and amazing at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I love that she wants to be one when she is "grown up", at 16!

dawn224 said...

I'm with Julie - I wonder what she thinks Opera is :)

josetteplank.com said...

"...when I grow up, when I'm 16."

omg...my duaghter is half-way there!

Too cute, lol.

Anonymous said...

Yeah -- you may want to talk to her school about that.

Anonymous said...

grown up at 16? I'm sure I thought I was at the time... but maybe opera singers have better luck with that :)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. My kids have had zero exposure to opera. How does Miss M. even know that word?

Rima said...

I like little Miss M. already. She sounds like my kind of girl.