24 November 2007

Seven Sept Sieben Siete Syv Sette Hét

Dawn tagged me to disclose seven weird and/or random things about me. There are rules and stuff, but rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules.

  1. I have never colored my hair.
  2. The only A+ I got in college was in Philosophy of Art - which was not in my major. I was very proud of that grade.
  3. I didn't want to get married - W. had to talk me into it over several dinners at the bar in a restaurant near our apartment. The bartender was distinctly amused; he said it was usually the other way around. In the end, it was a good excuse for a party.
  4. I love Christmas even though I'm a heathen pagan atheist.
  5. I prefer to sleep without nightclothes, but I started wearing a nightgown when my child was born - all that getting up in the cold, cold night was too much to bear naked.
  6. If circumstances had been different, I would have tried cloth diapers. But now we use cloth napkins.
  7. In my next life, I want to be a coloratura soprano so I can sing Der Hölle Rache. In the meantime, you can watch Diana Damrau do it. (The aria starts at about 2 minutes in.)

*English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Hungarian


Antropóloga said...

I am totally with you about Christmas! The toddler and I spent the morning "Christmasing it up" as we call it in our house. Yet it still doesn't look Christmasy enough to me (no tree because of the toddler) so I am considering getting more decorations.

Anonymous said...

These meme ruled! And as a heathen, I also LOVE Christmas. (I actually heard it started out as a pagan holiday, but I know that is super-blasphemous to say. I'm going to do some checking to see if that's actually true or not...)

S said...

M., how on earth did you get in my head?

Number four!

Next time I'm in the city, promise me that you'll meet me for coffee? It might be the week after Xmas.

flutter said...

Oh that is is one of my favorite arias! I always found the progressions so ironically spritely given the subject matter.

You rock!

Girlplustwo said...

i love heathen pagans.

Waiting Amy said...

YES! 4,5,6 all could be on my list!

And our "get married" story is rather unromantic too -- my dh's student visa was going to run out and he'd be deported back to Canada!


painted maypole said...

i read over at AlphaDogma that you are The Ref watchers, too. ;) funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

I like the "heathen pagan atheist". And I use cloth napkins, too.

Cynthia said...

You have never colored your hair! I am so jealous! Once you start, it becomes an endless cycle!

Julie Pippert said...

What were your reservations about marriage?

What was W's convincing argument?

Do you like your hair color as it is or are you simply not keen on hair coloring?

These random things leave me with more questions, clearly! LOL

Using My Words

Katie Zeller said...

I've never colored my hair, either...and I think 'nightclothes' are a waste of money!

niobe said...

8. You have an amazing talent for subtle puns. (I'm giggling at "bear naked" in much the same way that long ago I giggled at "thyme will have to wait."

Furrow said...

I'm thinking of buying carbon credits to make up for my cloth diaper defection. Cloth napkins are a great idea, too.

The only Cs I got in high school and college were for art classes, and I consider myself an artsy person. philosophy of art, i might have aced. I can b.s. with the best of them.

Naked sleeping? That's something I've never been into. Nightgowns are even worse, though. I get tangled. It's old boxers and t-shirts for me.

nonlineargirl said...

athiest? check
naked sleeper check

Hmm, maybe there is a connection...

Bea said...

The only A+ I got was in first-year Psych - also not my major.

Janet said...

I never coloured my hair until I was about 26 and my hairdresser at the time described the colour as "mousy." She totally hair-pressured me into it. And that was wrong of her. ;-)