05 December 2007

Random Quotes

Three things that made me chuckle recently:

“Béjart and Stravinsky is one of those fabled partnerships, like Romeo and Goneril, or bacon and strawberries.” (Clement Crisp as quoted in Alistair Macaulay's Times review of the Ailey opening)

“I couldn’t refuse,” he says. “I would bite my elbows.” (Mikhail Baryshnikov, about going back on stage in a play, from this week's New Yorker)

"I would be going long on picpoul." (Joshua Wesson, quoted in the Times in an article about expected increases in the price of wine)


Anonymous said...

Well...almost everything goes with bacon, but I imagine that biting one's elbow could be a difficult enterprise. Even for someone as flexible as Baryshnikov.


Julia said...

I am terribly sorry to disappoint, but the Baryshnikov quote is just an idiom in his native language, meaning that he would regret it for the rest of his life. Although I could see how it might induce chuckles if you don't know it's an idiom. :)

Magpie said...

Julia - aha! And thank you!

Sunshine said...

The only thing this does is bring into great clarity that there are people out there with far more interesting lives than I lead.


S said...

ah, julia's comment, though elucidating, did disappoint a bit.

Julie Pippert said...

Oh thank goodness for Julia (of the lucky name).

I was all bite his elbows? has he gone off his rocker? (Which might sound QUTE odd translated literally in Russian so who am I to say anything LOL.)

Using My Words

painted maypole said...

hee hee

Romeo and Goneril. It's the lesser known prequel to Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo passes love notes to Goneril, whose father takes them and burns them before she can read them.

Anonymous said...

Love these too.

Linda said...

Mmmm! Bacon and Strawberries and Mikhail Baryshnikov!

Emily said...

strawberries and bacon?

Anonymous said...

Bite my elbow? That is a good one. It goes to show that language is such a colorful thing and much is lost in translation.
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Anonymous said...

strawberries and bacon. sounds divine.

i love josh. one of the most charming men i know.