15 February 2008

The Planets

Miss M.'s daycare class has been studying the solar system - learning the planets and some of their characteristics, making posters, building papier-mâché models, singing songs.

The Sun's a hot star,
And Mercury's hot, too.
Venus is the brightest planet,
And the Earth and the Moon are home to me and you.
Mars is the red one,
And Jupiter's most wide.
Saturn has those icy rings,
And Uranus spins on its side.
Neptune's cold and windy,
And Pluto's cold and small.
We wanted to name the planets,
And now we've named them all.*

But what I want to know is when they decided to change the pronunciation of Uranus. I learned it as Yer Anus. Now it's Urine Us? Either way, school children everywhere are going to giggle.

Luckily, I found a petition to change its name altogether - but who do we send it to?

*The song is from Blue's Clues, but she learned it at school, not from the TV.


Anonymous said...

Heh heh. You said "uranus". I always pronounce it the old school way. After all, "anus" is right there in the word! Who named the planet in the first place? Fire that guy?

Anonymous said...

Is there something wrong with watching TV? Crap.

Just so long as they don't rename it Paris or Brittney...

Anonymous said...

BTW, absolutely adorable. That was the main point.

lilypotter said...

What a cutie Miss M is!!

Uranus is definitely the funniest planet, although probably the one most often picked on in the schoolyard. And I thought Pluto was downgraded?

Julie Pippert said...

What? Pluto is a planet again?> And they change dhow to say Uranus?

I clearly need to go back to school.

I had no idea.

And? I get my daughter in trouble for making letters and numbers wrong.


We changed how to make letters and numbers? WTF?!?!

Janet said...

She's a cute little junior astronomer.

I'm old school: it was always be Yer Anus.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Indeed! I love the hand gestures-- "and Jupiter is wide..."

Anonymous said...

This is from Blues Clues!!!

I wrote about it when I first started blogging and got HATE MAIL!!!


Cause Pluto is no longer a planet.

Miss M is adorable. I just want to smootch her!

Amanda said...

Oh, she is too precious! Sean and I watched this together and then just grinned at each other in the gooiest way ever.

Tell her Pluto is my new favorite planet.

Girlplustwo said...

yeranus. always makes me laugh. but that's because i'm still 12 years old.

Julia said...

Oh, teh cute, teh cute. adorable.

dawn224 said...

I thought we learned it as Yer Anus b/c of ET.

EmmaL said...

This is so cute!!! I'm so glad you posted this!

Aunt Becky said...

My big son (Ben) is on the autistic spectrum, and when he was about 1 (seriously) he became obsessed with the planets in a way I've never seen anyone obsess before. He'd memorized all the planets, their location, AND ALL OF THE NAMES OF THEIR MOONS. He had this encyclopedia designed for older kids that he coveted and insisted upon reading each night. The kid could pick each of the pictures of those moons out of a lineup. He's an interesting person, that's for sure.

So whenever anyone mentions the solar system I have to tell them about Ben.

Anonymous said...

It is Your Anus. Surely it is.

Anonymous said...

That is a very cute video. I can't believe how grown-up Miss M looks. (I'm just getting used to almost 2.)

By the way, do you know the song Planet X by Christine Lavin? That's a fun planet song, though I can't boast knowing all the lyrics by heart.