18 April 2008

Filch It Friday: Windows

Jen had a lovely lovely post the other day, seven windows of my soul. It was provocative, the kind of post that gets you thinking about your own soul windows, and demands to be filched.

I think of that first view of the ocean, when returning to Maine for a summer vacation. And sitting on the beach at Robert Moses in the cool of the morning, coffee in one hand, donut in the other, smelling the good sea air.

I remember dancing at my wedding, up on the kitchen counter, late at night to Prince singing Sexy M.F. And I can't walk by Tiffany's without thinking of W. and our first kiss at 57th and Fifth.

I remember stroking Miss M.'s cheek when she was first born; I was still on the table, and W. was holding her near my head. And of looking down at her little blonde head those many nights (and days) when she fell asleep in my arms.

I recall the window of my Fountainebleau room, with the little iron railing framing the view. And I'm enthralled with the view from my office window, which looks just a little like Paris.

My mind is full of snapshots, full of memory, full of small windows into my soul.

Others have shared their own windows - do you have some too?

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Tiffanys . . . top of my daughter's list when we do NYC this summer.

painted maypole said...

sexy m.f. opens up a window into a dressing room in college, and a castmember walking in with a CD player, playing that song, and we all began dancing...

nutmeg said...

This is lovely. I'll be thinking of the past all week... for my filch.

Anonymous said...

I love these, every single one. I love how we can see into the windows of lives unlike our own that are practically the same.

Mrs. G. said...

Beautiful glimpses of your life.

niobe said...

I have lots of windows. But, alas, I have no soul.*

*Though, I admit, I made a pretty good deal for it.

EmmaL said...

I love this idea!