05 June 2008

Meme of Randomnicity

Okay, okay. Scribbletown’s Fresh Hell tagged me for another meme – and I’m with her – no stinkin’ rules. Besides, how hard is it to figure out rules?

What Was I Doing Ten Years Ago?
Same damned thing I’m doing now. Oh wait, ten years ago, I was living in a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, with my husband and two cats but no child. Otherwise, same damned thing. Don't get me wrong - I have a great job. I've just been doing it for twelve years and I need a sabbatical.

Five Things on My To-Do List Today:

  1. Fix M.’s bad haircut (which isn't really that bad)
  2. See about renewing the homeowner’s policy for less money
  3. Write a note to the minister’s wife
  4. Plant the tomatoes I bought over a week ago
  5. Thank Mary Ann for the cool magnets
Snacks I Enjoy:
  • Peanut butter on rice cakes
  • Cheez Doodles
  • Bagel chips
  • Popcorn
  • Cheese
Things I’d Do If I Had A Billion Dollars (which is A LOT of money):
  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Take a sabbatical
  • Fund Miss M.’s college savings account
  • Put some money away for retirement
  • Use most of it (like $998 million) to set up a private foundation to provide support to small to mid-sized non-profits working on social, educational, cultural and environmental issues - and anything else that strikes my lefty-commie-pinko heart.
Places I’ve Lived:
  • Camp Lejeune, NC (but I don’t remember any of it)
  • New Haven, CT (ditto on the remembering)
  • A Long Island suburb of NYC
  • Wellesley, MA
  • New York, NY (3 apartments in 21 years)
  • A northern suburb of NYC
Who I Want To Know More About:


nonlineargirl said...

Ha, nice try, but I have done this already (which is great - I can just point to it and Voila! done!)

We only have one cross-over location (I was born in NYC), but as I am omnivorous, I would pretty much eat any of the snacks you mention, plus worse.

FreshHell said...

Mmm, bagel chips. I could use a sabbatical, too.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My lefty-commie-pinko heart likes your list.

cactus petunia said...

Gosh! I've never been tagged before. Thanks! (I think)

Janet said...

New Haven, CT scares me...as does most of CT...too many ghosts!

flutter said...

This was fun!

Woman in a Window said...

I hink I just pooped me pants...that was me there...does that mean I'm tagged (kicking shoe at dust) I was just enjoying learning about you!

MadMad said...

Wellesley to go to Wellesley?

Anonymous said...

okiedokie. still having internet-eating moments over here, but it's up there. thank you for including me.

Minnesota Matron said...

Love the snack list! I seem to have been doing the same thing for ten solid years now too. Ha. My favorite snack would be cheese popcorn. Cannot leave it alone.

Anonymous said...

HEY! I lived in Sudbury, MA, and went to high school there. Small world, eh? :)

Beck said...

A BILLION dollars? I would have all of my teeth gold-coated. And the good gold, too, not the crappy kind.

Anonymous said...

Wellesley, MA? Was that college, by chance? Very pretty there, but very pricy.

Furrow said...

Hey! Go plant those tomatoes!

(meanwhile, I have 200 rotting bulbs in my garage still waiting to be replanted from over a month ago. but they don't taste good on pizza, anyway.).

Julia said...

I want you to get that billion dollars.

Anonymous said...

hey again... I have to delete the post in which I participate in this meme. typepad issues and more. apologies.

art and farms, though. yes. that's the gist. and cheez-its and guacamole (not together).