21 July 2008

Tales from San Francisco: Blogher

Four jet planes
Three nights in a bed alone
Two days of Blogher
One lost jacket

I'm home!

Blogher was fun. Blogher wasn't really what I expected, but it was fun. It was a little like a college reunion, lots of smart women with a common interest. I got to meet people that I'd only known in the ether, like Sarah and Jen and Julie and Erika and too many more to list. I reconnected with Isabel, who I knew in a past life. I still don't know what the point of Twitter is, but I signed up anyway. I went to a couple of wonderful sessions, and a couple that were all jargon without much practical how-to. I scored some seriously sweet swag (a bluetooth headset for my phone and a tattoo from the tattoed Cecily). Susan made me weep.

There were parties. And I know there were "parties" that the little people weren't invited to, but I got to plenty. The closing night party at Macy's was a little peculiar - champagne in bags, wine in shoes, and vodka in lingerie. Alongside the lavender macarons in the lingerie department were samples of KY jelly - um, yuck?

I promised Kelley that I'd take her to BlogHer, and I did. KC took a picture of Sarah and me with Kelley and Boo, which I don't have yet, but I got one of them with some chocolate, Kelley's other favorite vice.

Would I go again? I dunno.


flutter said...

I am glad you went, it was so wonderful to meet you

Girlplustwo said...

it was lovely to meet you. next time it needs to be in a smaller group with a bottle of wine.

Anonymous said...

HOW did I not comment on this? Day-um.

I have the pic babe. Totally stole it from Slouching Mom. Will post it soon I promise! I squee'd when I saw the one of both of you together!