14 August 2008

A Random Assortment of Thursday


I'm pleased that the marriage post got picked up as a July "Just Post" - go visit Jen and Mad and Su to find some other Just Posts. The Just Posts rock.

Tangentially related to the notion that anyone who so desires should be allowed to marry, there was a hair-raising front page article in the Times the other day about the intersection of health insurance and marriage. People are marrying for insurance, staying married for insurance, divorcing for insurance. If you're a same sex couple, extension of health insurance benefits to your partner may not be possible - it all depends on where you live and what kind of health insurance you have. But more to the point - why is health insurance tied to spouses and employers? Why is there no single-payer universal health insurance coverage in this country? Why isn't health insurance just provided to the individual? Why???


Jenn thinks I'm kick ass! Since Alltop does too, should I take up kick-boxing or something? Better watch out, I might kick something. Then again, I might just go inside and read a book.

I'm going to turn around and award the kick ass award to Deb at i obsess. Not only does she have her own blog, she writes for Momocrats, and just started the most cunning group blog, Did you buy that New?, a "marauding band of vintage avengers" out to show off awesome thrify-crafty-vintage stuff. And until last month, when I met her at BlogHer, I'd never heard of her. She's totally kick ass.


On the subject of books, I'm working my way through the little stack of duplicate books that emerged in the unpacking, and I have these three to give away today:

Richard Russo - The Whore's Child
Calvin Trillin - Alice, Let's Eat
Charles Dickens - Great Expectations

If you'd like one, leave a note in the comments. If more than one person asks for the same book, I'll make a random pick. **UPDATE - They're all spoken for!!**


Yesterday at school, the kids had "cola straw" with lunch. Turned out to have been "cole slaw".


Mayberry said...

I am laying bets that the kid's recent hospitalizations will top $100K. We do have insurance (via, you guessed it, my spouse's employer), but if we didn't?! Something has to be done.

RuthWells said...

Love the "cola straw." My garden is producing so much cabbage, I'm eating cola straw for lunch EVERY. DAY.

Debbie said...


thank you so much.

i think you're pretty kick-ass, too.

kathy a. said...

i am sooo done with the way health insurance works around here -- sign me up for universal coverage.

and -- can i please please have bud trillen's book?

Kyla said...

Insurance...*Kyla's head explodes*

Debbie totally kicks ass, as do you.

Woman in a Window said...

My mind was stretching to take in what cola straws might be. You never do know with those school cafeterias.

Yay for you for your just post! I remember that one.

S said...

yep. deb kicks ass all right. and may i take some credit for introducing you two fine women? (i think i just did.)

congrats. on the just post!

and you've totally reminded me that when he was in preschool Ten once came home telling us he'd eaten "blueberry toddlers" for lunch. [blueberry cobbler]

S said...

ps i'll take the russo book if no one else wants it.

Aliki2006 said...

Congrats on the Just Post!

Marmite Breath said...

If you send me a book (any book) I will send you something crafty that I make. Is that a deal?

FreshHell said...

I think you're kick ass too. Does that qualify me for (yet another) book? I'm so damned needy and don't know where to stop. Just finished Great Expectations, but I'd be interested in one of the others if they are still unasked for.

crazymumma said...

We just found out that the vice principal at our daughter's school married his partner of 30 years this summer. His partner being the lawyer instrumental in passing the legislation allowing same sex marraige.

I look forward to telling this to my girls.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The insurance thing is crazy. We paid $1100 a month for COBRA once. I'm betting not everyone can afford that when it's for, hello, the unemployed.

I'd love the Trillin book.

Janet said...

I'd love Alice, Let's Eat! Now I'm off to see thrify-crafty-vintage stuff :-)

Anonymous said...

Wowwee kabowee girlfriend. That post is just racking up the honors, eh?!?


And then there's all of you Alltop hussies in my life - {sob, I'm trying not to be jealous}

Congrats on the WELL DESERVED recognition.

krysta said...

i'll trade you a picture for the richard russo book. love him.

my sister who never wanted to get married got married just for health insurance and my dad and his new wife got married because she lost her health insurance. the cunic in me wonders how long these marriages will last.

krysta said...

oops, cynic...

note to self: proofread before you hit the publish comment button. d'oh!

nonlineargirl said...

I love Richard Russo, but what I really want is a slice of that nectarine pie.