05 July 2009

Setting the Music Free

I'm cleaning house and giving away some music - all on CD, all by women.

There are three packages, each with a different artist; leave me a comment and tell me what (who) you want - I'll pick three winners on Wednesday the 8th.

1. One CD by Natalie Imbruglia

Left of the Middle

2. Two CDs by Eileen Ivers

Wild Blue
Traditional Irish Music

3. Three CDs by Regina Carter

Motor City Moments
Regina Carter
Something for Grace


Harriet said...

I'd love the Eileen Ivers. Or the Regina Carter. But especially Eileen. And this is a great idea. I should dig around my own collection for giveaways.

Vodka Mom said...

I adore Natalie. ADORE.


Woman in a Window said...

Your generous heart.
I'm good on music,
just wanted to say you're pretty cool.

YourFireAnt said...

I'll have whatever's left. As my mother used to say.


Ree said...

How could I not go with "Motor City Moments"?

Signed, The Detroit Girl