22 October 2009

Thursday Thirteen In My Pants

When Alejna commands you to add pants to everything, one must obey. More specifically, her edict was to append "in my pants" to a random selection of song titles obtained by using the shuffle feature in iTunes. So I did.

  1. Speeding Motorcycle In My Pants (Yo La Tengo)
  2. I Cried Last Night In My Pants (Junior Kimbrough)
  3. Heart of Stone In My Pants (Rolling Stones)
  4. Shine On Harvest Moon In My Pants (Leon Redbone)
  5. April After All In My Pants (Elvis Costello/Anne Sofie von Otter)
  6. So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright In My Pants (Simon & Garfunkel)
  7. Love Is For Strangers In My Pants (Luciana Souza)
  8. Because The Night In My Pants (Bruce Springsteen)
  9. Freight Train In My Pants (Peggy Seeger)
  10. Big Yellow Taxi In My Pants (Joni Mitchell)
  11. Private Idaho In My Pants (B-52s)
  12. I've Got To See You Again In My Pants (Norah Jones)
  13. The Valley In My Pants (k.d. lang)

The performing artist is in parentheses. The composer/songwriter is not listed.

A pants-less aside: It is a frequent frustration for me that the performer is supreme in the iPod metadata - while the composer can be included in the "info" panel of iTunes, that information doesn't flow over to the iPod. So, while I have two copies of April After All on my iPod, one by Elvis and Anne, and the other by Ron Sexsmith, there's no way to know that the song was written by Ron Sexsmith and and, therefore, that the Elvis/Anne version is a cover. Although I do know it. But I digress. Though while I'm at it? Freight Train was written by Elizabeth Cotten. And The Valley was written by Jane Siberry. In fact, only six of the above songs were written by the above listed performers. Which six? For bonus points, discuss the history of #8.

If you want to play, consider yourself tagged, in your pants. You can skip the singer/songwriter/composer performer discussion.


painted maypole said...

My hubby put Natalie Merchant's version of Because the Night in my pants... OOOPS I mean on a mix tape for me way before we were married. But I'm pretty sure that Bruce's comes first. I dunno.

fun list!

painted maypole said...

(fyi... i do think the mix tape was designed to get in my pants...)

heidi said...

I recently added "Black Hole Sun in My Pants" written by Paul Anka. And "Papa Loves Mambo in My Pants" by Perry Como.

Mental P Mama said...

I rather like "Precious and Few in my Pants."

storyteller said...

Hmmm ... I'd need to get myself an iPod to be able to play, right? Perhaps one day ...

I can hardly believe it, but I'm celebrating my 2nd Blogoversary at Small Reflections today and I'd like to invite you to visit when time permits. I've reflected on what I've learned in the past two years and created mega-collages of some of my favorite mosaics ... just because ;--)

In addition, I'm sharing an award with all visitors in my T-13 at Happily Retired Gal this week. Hope you'll drop by when time permits to snag, enjoy, and pass it along to others.

Today I'll be working on my 2nd Blogoversary post for Sacred Ruminations to publish on Friday. I can't believe I've been blogging so long already. How time flies!
Hugs and blessings,

Tracie Nall said...

Very funny. I might have to try this sometime!

Happy TT!

YourFireAnt said...

Babe! It's Patti Smith.


rachel... said...

I never realized how immature I am, but I can't stop laughing...

... OMG, Freight Train In My Pants is hilarious...

I wish I had an ipod!

mayberry said...

What are the odds of Big Yellow Taxi following Freight Train, I wonder?! (Oh, and you have a Speeding Motorcycle in the same set. Wow.)

Girlplustwo said...

i'm finally reading blogs and i find you talking about pants. this is why i love you.

i am in fact, wearing pants.


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

The Damn Emos and I used to do that all the time.

Now we are all over 'Your FACE' and 'Your mumma'

Cause I am totally the adult in the relationship.

alejna said...

I cried last night in my pants, too. No, that's not true. I fell asleep in my pants last night, without even reading any blogs. Which is, I suppose, how I missed reading this post till today.

Funny that you have a motorcycle, a train and a big yellow taxi in your pants.

As for "Because the Night (in my pants)," if I remember right, it was written by Bruce Springsteen for Patti Smith, who performed it first. So his version would be kind of an uncovered cover. Or do I remember wrong?

MARY G said...

Love this! I did it just now, but without either artists or creators. Cheap immitation or I pod, no time. No excuse.