10 December 2009

The Other Side of The Great Interview Experiment

When it rains, it pours?

Somehow, my guest post for Ree and my Great Interview Experiment interview by TC both went live yesterday. Want to see me interviewed about various and sundry things, like blogging and free time and vacations and parenting? Visit TC at I Have Things.

The usual blathering will resume tomorrow.


cathy said...

Nice interview--both Qs and As!

Bibliomama said...

Cool. I loved Time and Again too. And I have a thing I pass that always seems like a portal to another time/dimension. AND I was a weird kid (okay, I'm paraphrasing you). I feel so close to you right now. :)

heidi said...

The thing I loved about that interview... it was deeper than most, but still brilliant & quirkish. Pure M-pie :-)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I loved the interview and your guest post for Ree...I'd love to be living a totally anonymous life. I think that's why I love blogging...people can "know" me, but only what I want to share. And I can close the shaded (or in this case, the laptop) when I'm not up for company. (Now I'm not sure if that's anonymous or hermit-like. Hmmm....)