18 December 2009

Whine / Anti-whine

I lost a necklace last night. I think it might have snapped off when I picked up the whining cranky child.

I’m playing Bob Dylan’s Christmas In The Heart at my desk.

I feel very bah humbug about Christmas at the moment.

All of the presents are bought; almost all of them are wrapped.

I hate this pair of jeans I’m wearing – they are the wrong shade of blue.

My new favorite substance is Mod Podge; I told my husband that I was going to decoupage everything in sight.

It may snow this weekend, and I have to go someplace.

I love the down coat I got last winter.

The whining cranky tired child made us miss the second act of Hansel & Gretel.

It looks like the whole opera is available on the Met’s website, so we can watch the second act at home.

Whine, whine, whine.

Do you have a whine, or an anti-whine?

Post title & concept filched from Phantom Scribbler and Wednesday Whining.


Anjali said...

Whine: I have two kids with strep.

Antiwhine: We must have caught it really early...They are fever-free and running around like maniacs.

Whine: It's freezing cold and raining today.
Antiwhine: I wasn't in the mood to leave the house anyway.

alejna said...

I finally have a day to try to get things done.

I am coming down with a cold and can't muster the motivation to deal with most of them.

I guess that was more of an anti-whine/whine than a whine/anti-whine.

What sort of necklace was it you lost?

Anonymous said...

My 6-day migraine has gone. It morphed into heartburn and indigestion.

It's Friday, and we're having sandwiches for dinner and watching a family movie.

mayberry said...

This whole season is WHINE for me this year. But somehow, I managed to mail all of my cards--which usually never happens before January 1.

Unknown said...

Whine: I have a pimply chin.

Anti-whine: The child practically volunteered to take a nap and is busy with that as I type. We almost made the mistake of taking her to see The Princess & the Frog. Dodged a bullet on that fiasco.

Life in Eden said...

Whine: I just spent 2 hours putting together the twins new play kitchen for Hanukkah.

Anti: It is super cute.

What is the fiasco witht Princess & the Frog?

heidi said...

Whine: I had no work today
AntiWhine: I had no work today!
Whine: It's going to snow all weekend.
AntiWhine: It's going to SNOW all weekend!
Whine: We have to go to TGIF's for dinner.
AntiWhine: I don't have to cook dinner!

Bee said...

I'm very good at whining, but I tend to think of it as moaning. I moan a lot when it rains day after day and I can't get outside to walk and activate my endorphins.

Anti-whine: The rain has turned to snow and my dread of all of the sheer WORK of Xmas seems to have turned, finally, into acceptance . . . and even pleasure.

Gwen said...

Mostly whine these days. And, because I'm pregnant) I can't drink wine (aside from a glass once in a while), which is my anti-whine.

We're getting some snow this weekend too...a lot of snow. I'm sort of excited about it though! Enjoy your weekend!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't have a single present wrapped.

Then again, I never do and it always turns out fine!

painted maypole said...

I'm in Michigan taking care of my inlaws.

But getting lots of reading done.

nonlineargirl said...

I am always bouncing between whine & anti-whine. It could be my motto.

Bibliomama said...

How fortuitous. My whole day was a whine/ anti-whine. I have my annual Christmas asthmatic hack-up-a-lung cough, my inhaler gives me the shakes, I have a huge zit and my hair is having a grinch-fest. But I had a great phone bitch-session with my sister, got a bunch of Christmas cards done, and had a great walk home in the dark with my snowbank-climbing children from my Mom's after homemade soup and non-homemade wine. Now I plan to take Actifed and have entertaining dreams.

Stimey said...

Oh crap.

I thought I was done because I bought all the presents. Now I have to WRAP them too?


Kyddryn said...

Anti-whine, I think - I am exhausted this evening...but it's because Someone I love surprised me with his early arrival (he wasn't due until this afternoon), we spent yesterday together playing with the Evil Genius out in the rain and in the house, and today he took the Evil genius outside for most of the day so I could bake in peace...and while he was outside, he tidied the garage, cleaned up my sad planting beds, and planned a few new ones to boot.

I don't need anything else for Yule - I'm set. :-)

Shade and Sweetwater,

Anonymous said...

The snow came just late enough to allow us to get into the city for our Nutcracker date, have lunch, and head back out. But we had a terrifying drive home from the train station.

Janet said...

Why do some relationships have to be SO complicated?

Thank god for good friends!

Woman in a Window said...

i do not FEEL christmas this year.

we are all alive and well and periodically together. we are doing well.


Gwen said...

Your presents are almost all wrapped. Oh, I am green, GREEN, and not a charming Christmas color, either. (I'm pretty sure that's a whine.)

flutter said...

whine: I am working PT at Nordstrom for extra cash for Christmas and people SUCK.

antiwhine: I have two jobs in a climate where a lot of people don't have one.

whine: being diabetic at Christmas time sucks

antiwhine: I don't gain a ton of weight at Christmas like I used to...

Very Mary said...

Seems I have a hankering for dandelion wine. Does that count?

Alex Elliot said...

Whine: My kids are still up.
Antiwhine: At least they are in their bedrooms in bed and not driving me nuts.

repliderium.com said...

Whine- I'm a little hung over
Anti-whine- I will drink a bottle of red tonight to make it go away.
Rinse & repeat.