28 February 2010

Eleven Into Fifty Minus One Equals TEN

Of course, there's no 29th of February (this year), so my first "Eleven Into Fifty" update has to be today, the 28th.

1. I started Gödel, Escher, Bach. I didn't get much past the introduction, but I started it. I also edited my Library Thing widget so that it's the only book listed, and the cover is huge, so that it haunts me every time I look at my own blog.

3. I haven't tried the croissants yet, but I did find a recipe for chocolate croissants in "small steps over the course of a few days", which I will attempt sooner than later.

5. I can play a scale on the ukulele, if I'm looking at the instructions and chewing on my bottom lip.

8. Mission accomplished! Over the course of a couple of weekends, I went through pretty much every article of clothing that I own, save socks and underwear. There were things in there that hadn't been worn in so long that they needed to be dusted. The thrift shop got several large boxes of clothes, I got rid of every single wire hanger, and I can find things in my closet again.

11. The first of the quarterly potluck dinners is next weekend - if you're around, tell me and I'll invite you.


Harriet said...

Maybe we should have a Gödel Escher Bach book group. I read it in high school, but I remember little and probably didn't get half of it back then anyway. I've been wanting to reread it in any case.

Ann Imig said...

Nothing better than a good closet cleaning.

Okay, there are some things that are better, but still...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mental P Mama said...

Well just color me impressed;)

mayberry said...

Hanging head in shame...I know I have some dusty clothes too! Maybe I should make a list of 4 into 40 ... pretty doable.

anymommy said...

Very jealous of the closet cleaning. And yes, that book scares me too.

ozma said...

Cool. Ukelele!!!

At your instigation? I think, I got a pot which should work for the no-knead bread. Didn't make it yet though.

Potluck dinners! OMG that is 1970s awesome. I used to live in the land of potluck dinners and I miss them. I even went to a potluck wedding. No one's into that here.

I did that thing with the clothes and somehow it didn't work. Bags of crap and then somehow it got all chaotic again. Clothes confuse me.

quadelle said...

Well done - that's a great start for your first month. I'll keep following with interest. :)