13 July 2010

More About That Swim Team Stuff

After her somewhat less than stellar performance in that first swim meet, which was the "B" team, the takes-all-comers team, not the team that counts towards points in the regional standings, we got an email that her times were good enough to move her onto the real team, the "A" team. Go figure. She's competing in the six and under group.

So off she went to practice, and I got the following text from my husband:

I just looked up from my reading and there she went, diving (plunging really) off the starting platform and swimming a very respectable 25m for a small fry.

The swimming team business is surreal and sublimely entertaining.


susan said...

Very cool! It is fun to watch a girl get more accomplished in different ways.

Julie @ The Mom Slant said...

I love it. LOVE IT. Swim team rocks - not just for the activity, the ribbons, and the skill-building, but for the camaraderie.

Congrats to your girl for taking the plunge, literally. Six-and-unders are the best part of every meet.

Anonymous said...

see...Fiona wants to be on Trampoline Team in the fall. This would be four hours a week, replacing general gymnastics, which is only one hour a week. I told her I wasn't sure if we could manage the time commitment (let alone the cost), and asked why did she want to be on team instead of just taking trampoline class.

"I want to compete!"

I need to get into your frame of mind.

Kyla said...

Glad she's enjoying it. BubTar didn't. His coach sucked, it was blazing hot outside, and did I mention that the coach sucked? ;) I think it COULD have been great, though, and wish our experience had been different.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

In about 4 years she'll be ready to give water polo a try!

mayberry said...

That's great. Go M!

And in other exciting news, princess hairstyles is ba-aack!

Kelly @ Student of the Year said...

That's awesome. Another one of the pleasures of parenthood.