29 August 2010

Eleven Into Fifty Minus Seven Equals FOUR

Four months to go.

1. I did read some more of Gödel, Escher, Bach - and it traveled all the way to Canada and back in the glovebox of the car - taunting me every time I looked for something in there.

7. I took the knitting bag to Canada and picked the brains of two different people as to thus and such. I'm read to start the sweater for the girl; now to knit a swatch for gauge.

9. O Canada! We did leave the country temporarily, and did meet two Maritime bloggers: we had lunch with Bon at an oyster bar/pub and lunch with Sue at her house. I wish they both lived down the street from me. Or vice versa. It was great to hang out with each of them.

More about the journey soonish, after decompression and laundry and, oh yeah, I have to go back to work.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!

S said...

nice to have you back.

mayberry said...

Welcome home! The guest bloggers did a lovely job while you were away. (But you were missed.)

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Welcome back! Nice to hear your voice.

kathy a. said...

oh, sounds like a great trip!

and i don't think you should worry too much about meeting those goals you set, although you do seem to be working on them, which is good. after all, you have also accomplished some things that you didn't think to set as goals.