26 September 2010

More #!@?&*

Remember the silly M&Ms policy where they wouldn't print #!@?&* on the party favors for my father-in-law's 80th birthday because it was a bad word and they were a family company even though #!@?&* isn't a word at all?

Niobe kind of threw down a gauntlet in the comments, wondering if they'd reject:






So, I tested them out. To her great joy (chocolate!) and my vague feeling of thwartedness (rejection would have been fun to snark at), Niobe got a bag of M&Ms from me for her birthday (today!), complete with bleep.

Now, of course, I'm wondering whether the appearance last week of that new TV show - $#*! My Dad Says - meant that the M&Ms people had relaxed their stance on the "bad word" status of#!@?&*.

What do you think?


Niobe said...

Thanks so, so much! And believe me, it wasn't easy to keep people from eating them for long enough to get a photo. And by "people" I mean mostly me.

Life in Eden said...

you guys crack me up.

and hey, what do I need to do to get chocolate?

mayberry said...

I love it. Happy birthday, Niobe!

Stimey said...

I envision a great M&M experiment with many of us seeing how far we can push these people.

Bonus: M&Ms for all!

painted maypole said...

too fun.

happy birthday, niobe!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Great color combo. They look delicious. Enjoy, Niobe!

Dora said...

Love it! Happy birthday, Niobe!

bipolarlawyercook said...

Pushing the corporate envelope, two bloggers and one gorgeous photo at a time. Go, both of you (and happy birthday!)

Emily said...

Happy friggin' birthday

heidi said...

They had no problem printing my WTF m&m's.
I'd show u a pic, but they are SO gone.
Also... thanks for the blog post inspiration today.

leanne said...

Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

Also, happy belated birthday, Niobe!

leanne said...

I have to follow-up even though it's a few months later... I ordered some for my mom for Christmas. I asked that they print "Hi Grandma!" and "Eat me!" (because how clever/silly is that to write "Eat me!" on candy that someone IS going to eat -- and my mom LOVES M&Ms. Seriously LOVES.). Only that last one fell afoul of the family nature of their brand. Because someone thought I had other ideas. That thought had never entered my brain until I got their email. EW. The candy is for MY MOTHER.