25 November 2010

Mummers and Man-made Monstrosities

My clever sister-in-law was reading the Times on-line the other day, an article about unlearning a New York accent, and got sidetracked by a sidebar containing the 1938 Almanac for New Yorkers. I am thankful that she passed it along to me, because it is a thing of great beauty, full of gems and sarcasm. Here are the pages from Thanksgiving week of that year.

Thanksgiving Day:
Mummers and manmade monstrosities parade the streets for the greater glory of Macy's.

The day after Thanksgiving:
Bicarbonate-of-Soda Day

But see for yourself. You might find yourself reading aloud to the assembled masses at your Thanksgiving feast.

This day is solemn and historic
Mother, pass the paregoric.

May your Thanksgiving be all you want it to be.


Harriet M. Welsch said...

We are watching the mummers and manmade monstrosities right now. I'm not entirely sure which category the Rockettes fall into. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Life in Eden said...

omg -- I totally remember paregoric! My mom made us take it for every GI bug as kids. It tasted HORRIBLE!

Happy Turkey Day Mags!

S said...

ooh. good stuff. highly entertaining.

painted maypole said...

Wed Dec 28
This day in 1656 shooting or drumming on New Year'd Day, and planting May poles on May Day, were again prohibited by law, as was the griving of drinks to any person for those purposes

coldspaghetti said...

Bicarbonate of soda day is WAY better than Black Friday!