09 December 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Catalogues received 12/6/2010

LL Bean (holiday 2010)
Hearthsong (ditto)
Hickory Farms (ditto)
Patagonia (holiday favorites 2010)
REI (where gift giving meets woohoo!)
Bluestone Perennials (spring 2011)

Ack. Much as I love the anticipation of spring engendered by garden catalogues arriving in mid-winter, I do not appreciate them in early December, when I still haven't cut down the buddleia, much less put up the Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...

argh. I keep thinking about one of your first Just Posts, which was about how to STOP catalogs from coming, because I need to do it. Some days, there is so much mail, my kids can't pull it out of the box without dropping it, which is a concern because right next to our mail box is a storm drain!! Last thing I need is for the Amex bill to disappear...

RuthWells said...

My seed catalog from my veg supply place is keeping me going... I meditate over it during my train commute.

Bibliomama said...

Gift giving meets woohoo? I've been trying to get those two together for like ever!

Anonymous said...

To stop catalogs go to catalogchoice.org. To avoid losing your amex bill, pay that at americanexpress.com. :)

shrink on the couch said...

As if the onslaught of holiday catalogs aren't enough.

IzzyMom said...

I went Christmas shopping today and what did i find in the girls department? SHORTS. BATHING SUITS. TANK TOPS.

Where's that WTF? magnet? I need it badly.