18 February 2011


You know what? I hate that you can't email members of Congress anymore. Nope, unless you're in their district, you can't just fire off an email. If you're in the district, you have to fill out an on-line form, which is bad enough, but if you aren't in the district, you need to call or write an old-fashioned letter.

I'm all cranky about this because of the Pence amendment business. My representatives in Congress aren't people I need to worry about - I voted for them, I mostly like how they represent me - but the doctor in the district next door was on the fence. But for a few miles - hell, my zip code is split between two districts - that doctor would be my Congresswoman. The medical practice she came from is the one my family uses.

I'm seething about this because I feel powerless. So I'm telling you - maybe you can make a phone call, send an email, jump up and down.

Separately, you could sign a petition on behalf of Planned Parenthood:

Did you hear? The House voted to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding. They cut funding for HIV tests, cancer screenings, birth control, and more, putting millions of women and families at risk. We can't let it go unanswered. It's time for you and me to stand with Planned Parenthood. Sign the open letter to the reps who voted for this bill — and to the senators who still have a chance to stop it.

This still has to get through the Senate, which looks unlikely, but that's not the point. I feel hopeless because there are elected officials out there who are trying to dismantle programs that save lives and there are unnecessary barriers to communication.*

You don't believe in abortion? Fine. Don't get one. But don't take Planned Parenthood down too.

*According to a congressional website, the "Write Your Representative ... Reduces the heavy burden placed on the House mail servers by the high volume of emails sent to Congressional offices every day - over 15 million emails per month."  Maybe they could get beefier mail servers, so people could talk to them.


ozma said...

This is completely depressing. As if there aren't enough barriers to democracy as it is.

I'm not sure the 'don't believe in abortion? Fine, don't get one' really works as a rebuttal. But how about "Don't believe in abortion because of your religion. Guess what? Last time I checked, this wasn't a theocracy."

OK, obviously I need to work on that more.

Unknown said...

i was seeing a lot of planned parenthood talk on the twitter and wasnt sure what exactly it was about, thanks for explaining. also hate the email barriers to democracy. surely there has to be a better way to solve the problem. lots of things to be annoyed by this friday night :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This is so distressing. I'm close to tears over the insanity and injustice of it--I'm not going to say all Republicans are evil idiots, but the ones voting like this are.

Dora said...

ACK! Just heard about this on the news today. We CANNOT go backwards on this issue.

Count me as an infertile for choice. All reproductive choices.

Patois42 said...

"Cranky" is too mild of a tag. This bites.

Anonymous said...

Hopping up and down while in vacation; will do much mire upon return.

MDTaz said...

I've been watching (in disbelief) what's been happening (or suggested to happen) to women's rights in the US. I never though I'd say this, but now it feels true: I have more freedom in France. It's not perfect here, but at least I can make choices and get medical support for those choices. Wondering what I can do from here, in case we ever move back...