28 April 2011


I love the idea of a hydroponic garden in my house, though I don't think I'll actually do it, given that we've got a CSA and multiple farmer's markets supplying our vegetable needs. But still:

Window Farms

I am very glad I don't work for a Koch brothers company, and I'm even happier about the fact that we prefer Scott toilet paper around here:

Big Brothers: Thought Control at Koch

I wish Matt Taibbi wrote his banker eviscerations for the New Yorker, but since he doesn't, I might have to buy a subscription to Rolling Stone:

The Real Housewives of Wall Street

Apparently, the State Department thinks that they might want to know things like the circumstances of one's birth (and names of people present) and one's every residence from birth to present in order to issue a passport - at least according to a proposed new biographical questionnaire:

State Department Biographical Questionnaire Proposal

I kind of want a kidney-shaped wooden phone. Or maybe I just want a marimba running down my backyard hill:

Touch Wood


leanne said...

I read about window farms in a magazine the other night -- sounded like a fun project.

And the Koch brothers... UGH! I live in Wisconsin and work for the state. Enough said.

That proposed passport form sounds crazy. But why am I not surprised...

Janet said...

I'm thinking the Koch Bros are a bit nutty in the head.