16 June 2011

Chimp Sync

The end of the year project in the girl's second grade classroom was biography. Every kid was assigned a person to learn about - people across a historical spectrum, both living and dead. The kids made posters and gave presentations, and today was the Biography Breakfast, where they all went to school dressed as their subjects.

The girl had drawn Jane Goodall, so off she went in khaki pants, hiking boots and Daddy's Filson hat, along with a pair of binoculars and a notebook - totally ready for exploring chimpanzee habitats.

But that's not really the point.

In yesterday's mail we got a fundraising solicitation from - hello, synchronicity! - The Jane Goodall Institute. I was dumbstruck. Really. We've never sent them any money, and I have no idea where they got my name, especially because I always send cranky little notes like "Do Not Solicit More Than Once A Year" and "Do Not Rent Or Sell My Name To Others" back with the contributions I do make.

But I was pleased, none-the-less, yes, pleased to be asked for money. There was a glossy postcard of some chimps in the mailer, which the girl glommed onto and took to school with her. And I think I'll send a little gift off to The Jane Goodall Institute, in honor of the second grade teacher. Better than an end-of-the-year mug, right?

And what a perfect coincidence.


Bee said...

I'd love a visual of mini-Jane.
And that WAS a funny coincidence! Yet more evidence of the mysterious workings of universe and Internet.

Harriet said...

That's fabulous. I hope there are pictures of your Jane Goodall

mayberry said...

So perfect. And a great teacher gift.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

She lucked out on who she drew--not too hard and quite interesting.

De said...

Go Universe!

My daughter's summer project is state tourism: they have to write about three places to visit that all start with the same letter. I'm thinking it will be a good geography lesson, as she had Epcot on her first list.

jo(e) said...

What great timing. (And Jane Goodall is such a terrific role model.)

Anonymous said...

I suspect creepy Google workings.