23 August 2011


Back in June, when the girl was trying to raise money for an American Girl doll, I told her I'd pay her $10 if she learned the times tables over the summer. You know, good old rote memorization. Forget this new math stuff.

To help her, I cobbled together some flashcards. Of course, I didn't print them out until this week, so she's really only got the zeroes, ones, twos and tens down, but there's another couple of weeks before summer's over - a month if we're counting to the autumnal equinox.

In case you're interested, I put the pdf up on Scribd. Download it and print out your own old-fashioned math tools.


Jodi Pharo said...

Oh, I remember doing multiplication tables! I loved it. Yes, I said it out loud.

De said...

We did this last summer in prep for 3rd. Every night while we walked the dog, Fiona had to recite her times tables.

This summer she took it upon herself to make sure her brother knows his addition and subtraction facts for first grade. Tony paid her a teacher's salary of a dollar for each time they went through the whole pack of 86 cards provided he got them right (merit pay only in our house). The student got a significantly higher rate of $.02 for each correct answer.

Gee - she wouldn't happen to want a Molly doll, would she? I bought her by mistake, and her existence is rather Cinderella-like.

S said...

Good for you. My husband would agree.

mayberry said...

Play her "3 is a magic number" from Schoolhouse Rock and she'll master the 3s in a flash. (Ha ha, flash.)

Anna ~ Random Handprints said...

good for you doing math over the summer. we have done nothing remotely educational this summer, and i fear for the brain drain that has gone on here.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh,teachers for years to come are going to love you.

My advice is to give her two new facts a day to learn--have her carry them in her pocket and ask her them throughout the day. She'll have them all mastered in no time. I'm assuming you know the finger trick for the nines?