19 October 2011

In Which I Declare Bankruptcy

Sputter, sputter, sputter.

Cranky, cranky, cranky.

Yeah, I haven’t posted in a whole week. Life got in the way. I’m out of the house for almost 11 hours a day, the girl needs to be read to every night, the laundry has to get done, the volunteer obligations seem to be increasing geometrically, and though I steal time for Twitter and Facebook and Klout-mockery while I’m eating my lukewarm (because I don’t have the patience to give the microwave more than a minute) soup, blog posts don’t always get written.

Not that they aren’t running through my head, oh no, they do that, all the time – like when I’m walking down the sidewalk between my office and the subway station, or lying in bed wishing I were asleep. It’s just that they don’t write themselves – the device that sucks the words out of the grey matter and magically spits them, correctly punctuated, out into the intertubular wilderness, that device has not yet been made.

It’s compounded, this lack of blog posts, because most of the posts that are rattling around in my skull want some thought, some attention, some care. I don’t want to come off half-cocked; I want my ideas presented as polished, tidy, neat little unassailable packages. Because, they deserve that, whether it’s embryos or not-for-profit governance or the goddam PTA or factory farmed pork or Bon’s eloquent post about social media.

Then, see, there’s a whole other category of posts that I feel I should write, about things that are sitting around in my house because I directly or indirectly willed them to be there, and I have guilt about the fact that I haven’t turned my thoughts to said objects.

And let’s go on, while we’re at it, because there are a slew of posts in draft – where I actually got as far as opening up a NEW POST window in Blogger and dumping in a sentence or a link for later. We’ll pretend I never mentioned them, shall we?

So. A manifesto. Or a declaration of bankruptcy.

  • Today, I will delete all of the draft posts.
  • Tomorrow, I will “review” a few things that are gnawing at me. I use “review” lightly – I may not do more than mention them.
  • Friday, I will unsubscribe (as best as possible) from all of the lists wherein people tempt me with things and books.
  • And Saturday, I will turn off all electronic devices, buckle my seat belt, and breathe.
And next week? All bets are off.


Bibliomama said...

I have trouble with the posts that require thought and care too - I sort of want to write them 'someday', but I'm too busy/lazy to write them 'today'. Now that I've made myself write book reviews on Mondays, I often need the rest of the week to recover. It's a conundrum. Whatever. You're worth the wait.

De said...

Here I was, imagining you on vacation somewhere with good wine and spotty connection.

Do what you must. Decluttering is good in all areas of life. But I hope you be back in this space because I missed you.

YourFireAnt said...

It's a deal.


Amanda said...

Pretty sure I'd read your grocery list, so, whatever ;)

MARY G said...

yeah, me too.

She Curmudgeon said...

I'm big on the blogging without obligation. I tend to read in chunks, write in chunks, etc. Whatever gets the thing done. Guilt is a big motivator, but I try not to let it be. By all means, read to the girly.

And I could send you one of the nine million spare notebooks I have around if that would help. : )

alejna said...

I understand. I also have posts rattling around in my head that want to be written with care, so they end up not getting written. But my head still thinks about them. But unlike you, I am not ready to delete my drafts. Of which there are many. Many. (Clearly I still have a lot of work to do about my hoarding tendencies. On the bright side, I have not been so tempted by things and such to review, so those things aren't vying for my attention.)

I'm glad you have a plan, in any case. As long as it keeps you blogging. Because I do so love your blog.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think we all have cycles where we are more inclined to take the time to write than others; sometimes a fresh start can kickstart things.

shrink on the couch said...

Delete all drafts? I got a knife like feeling in my chest imagining you deleting your drafts. Imagine how I'd feel if I said that about mine?

Varda said...

Oh, man, have you been spending time in my brain lately? Because I swear you're reading my mind.

"the device that sucks the words out of the grey matter and magically spits them, correctly punctuated, out into the intertubular wilderness, that device has not yet been made." AND why NOT, my friend? Let's partner up and INVENT that device... We could make millions, millions I tell you!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I have 312 draft posts. I go to delete and then get sucked into the vortex of trying to work out what I was on about and then it is 3am.

Because by the time I actually get to the computer that fabulous post I wrote in my head in the shower is gone.

I need bath crayons.

FreshHell said...

Yeah, I know the feeling. I have only two draft posts and I'll probably end up deleting them because I don't remember what I was thinking about way back then and now.....whatever. Who cares? I'm not as diligent a blogger recently as I have been. I think it's half ennui and half busyness.

Janet said...

blogging just isn't doing it for me so much anymore. then again, i'm not half the writer you are LMAO! but still...eh. The thing I'd miss is you all, the ones I've met through blogging.

painted maypole said...

i am just now starting to write posts in my head again. I went a long time without that at all. We'll see how much of a comeback I make. I may fade into the ether again.