14 November 2011


Ahead of me on the sidewalk
A locust sheds a pinnate spray, golden yellow.
It wafts downward,
Alighting on a young woman’s head.

Serendipitously bedecked, she crosses the street,
But the breeze from a passing taxi
Lifts her hair ornament away.

She never knew of her momentary panache,
But I did, and it made me smile.

Note: the locust herein is a TREE, genus: Gleditsia.


Bibliomama said...

Aw. I was going to say 'gesundheit', but then your post was all pretty and whimsical. Now it doesn't seem appropriate.

Rima said...

I really like these verses.

But if a locust shell ever fell on my head, I'd want you to flick it away IMMEDIATELY and then tell me ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I agree with Rima on all counts.

mayberry said...

This is such a pretty image and made me smile too. But yes - my first interpretation of locust was the insect, too. I used to love harvesting those shells off of tree trunks!

S said...


Agree with Rima, though.