03 November 2011

Teeth, Anxiety and Coffee

I rather loathe Klout, but gosh, I really do like mocking it, especially by handing out +K in cookies and tacos and other delectable foodstuffs.

It seems to be mocking me too. Look! People think I've influenced them about teeth, anxiety and coffee!

It gets better when you drill deeper: I'm also influential about batteries and beer.

Batteries, yes, I know all about batteries - we've just gone five days without power. [It's back, it's back, we have light again!]

But beer? I can't remember the last time I had a beer.

You know what? Klout is horseshit.

I'm not even going into the part about how Klout is sketchy and probably using your information for nefarious ends. Beware.


Julie Pippert said...

You influence me in those and so many other ways. :)

Stimey said...

A friend gave me Klout in sharp corners once after I practically broke my shin on a piece of a bed. That was awesome.

MARY G said...

Hope your power is back soon!

Kevin McKeever said...

Agreed. Don't get why everyone is so obsessed with this stupid marketing tool.

slow panic said...

i do not get klout. i signed up because i tend to sign up for stupid stuff. but i just don't get it.

Gina said...

I don't get it. I swear, I don't even remember signing up, but who knows what I do when I am avoiding work. And it seems I am influential in Pittsburgh, Books & Rum (which is accurate) and also in Army, cars ans money (which, WTF?)

amira said...

Klout is Krap.

(Glad your light's back on!)

snozma said...

I've never even heard of Klout. So now you've influenced me there.

How meta!

I'm glad you got your lights back on!

YourFireAnt said...

Ilove your last two sentences. ;-)