22 November 2011

Small Business Saturday

I very much like the idea of Small Business Saturday - go shop locally this coming Saturday (11/26) and support a small business.

Even better, if you have an American Express card and a Facebook account, you can jump through some hoops and register your card - if you do that and then spend more than $25 in a little local store, you'll get $25 back from Amex. Free money!

And no, no one paid me to tell you that. I do believe in shopping locally though - it's why I volunteer my time with the farmers market, it's why I held my daughter's birthday party in the local one-off ice cream store. And if there were still a bookstore in my town, I'd be a happy camper.


Gina said...

Oh - I miss the bookstores the most. Ever since I became an avid reader (back in grade school), I used to love walking to the local bookstore & talking to the owner about books. And when they closed when I was a teen, I found another small bookstore in my college town & did the same thing. Now, you walk into a giant bookstore and it's rare to find anyone who actually knows enough to talk about books with you. It's just a job to them.