06 November 2011

Things Found In The Front Hall Chest

My siblings and I spent a few hours cleaning out some cabinets on the third floor of our mother's house, as well as a chest in the front lobby. Most of the contents were either Christmas, Easter, or Halloween related.

Dead Sample: small jar containing one Christmas tree light bulb

?Found in this drawer. From What?: screws in a plastic bag

Xmas tree piece - steel cylinder, copper tube: Envelope, with paper clip. Contents not viewed.

An index card with the specifics of the refinishing of that piece of furniture (color of miniwax, number of coats, application of paste wax): Left in the chest, and not photographed.


Harriet M. Welsch said...

How can you not photograph every single thing? So many mysteries. It would make a wonderful art gallery show.

MARY G said...

Um, in my drawer are similar bits, but not labelled or separated. I also have a box of bits from cameras and computers and such. Unlabelled.

Something tells me I should clean these drawers myself, possibly at 2:00 am, with a flashlight.

Antropóloga said...

My grandparents' house was full of stuff like that. Some of which my mom mailed to me.